What Is XRP Cryptocurrency and How Does It Work
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What Is XRP Cryptocurrency and How Does It Work?

Ripple is a platform that enables the migration of currencies from central databases of financial companies to an open infrastructure, providing cheap and speedy funds movement around the world with no intermediaries. The XRP token is at the platform’s core. Released in 2012, the token serves for fiat-crypto conversion and quick delivery of funds.

Ripple was created to work with real-sector financial corporations to facilitate their money transfers for clients. Besides financial institutions, the Ripple ledger is used by developers who use this network to build their projects. Individuals also use the XRP token for quick and cheap money transfers across the globe in a matter of a couple of seconds, avoiding bank bureaucracy and middlemen.

As of December 14, 2022, the Ripple coin price is $0.39. The market capitalization exceeds $19 billion. XRP is a worthy asset to purchase. Even though its price does not skyrocket, it has all the chances to happen when the next bull trend starts. Besides, the project is under legal proceedings with the SEC, which slows down the platform’s development. However, experts predict a bright future for the Ripple platform as soon as its issues with the SEX are solved.

How Does Ripple Work?

The network is primarily focused on banks and other financial institutions to give them an option for quick and cheap money transfers.


Ripple rivals the popular Swift system. Here are the main Ripple benefits over Swift:

  • a transaction takes 2-5 seconds on average;

  • the cost of the transaction comprises $0.0002;

  • it allows financial companies to use the XRP token and build their work processes around it, using all the benefits.

What Platform to Use for Ripple Trading ?

You may use any large crypto platform to get the relevant Ripple crypto price . For example, that may be the WhiteBIT trading platform or popular Binance. If you are a beginner investor, WhiteBIT will probably be more suitable for you because it has a user-friendly interface and convenient tools for trading. You may also take advantage of demo trading to learn how the tools work and practice buying and selling crypto using different trading styles.

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